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Application details
Reference number OUT/2019/0003 Application Type Outline Application
Site Address Land at
Proposed Development Outline application for 3 dwellings including access
Valid Date 28/01/2019 Committee Date
Decision Outline Approved Decision Date 30/08/2019
Consultation Start Date 28/01/2019 Consultation End Date 18/02/2019
Handling officer Sarah Smith Agent name Mr Graham Hale
Applicant Name Mr William Paisley Agent Telephone 01900 515818
Applicant Company Agent Company WYG Engineering Limited
Applicant Address Wigton
Agent Address Lakeland Business Park
Lamplugh Road
CA13 0QT

Consultee Name Consultee Address Date Sent
The Owner / Occupier  EAST HOUSE, , OULTON, WIGTON, CA7 0NG   
The Owner / Occupier  PARK HOUSE, , OULTON, WIGTON, CA7 0NG   
The Owner / Occupier  CROFT COTTAGE, , OULTON, WIGTON, CA7 0NG   
The Owner / Occupier  PARKFOLD, , OULTON, WIGTON, CA7 0NG   

Images / Documents
10 01 2019 Planning Statement Land at Oulton + Appendices FINAL.pdf
Oulton 05 Location plan r02.pdf
Oulton 06 Illustrative Layout r02.pdf
10 01 2019 Croft Cottage Oulton Access Appraisal FULL No sig.pdf
A108106-2 Oulton Ecology Assessment FINAL ISSUE No Sig.pdf
Neighbour Comments 4.2.19 Wel.pdf
Additional Information Drainage Design 07.02.19 Reduced.pdf
United Utilities Response.pdf
Drainage Design 07.02.19 Reduced.pdf
Neighbour Comments 11.02.19 Moo.pdf
County Archaeologist Response.pdf
Neighbour Comments 13.02.19 Wat.pdf
Cumbria Highways and LLFA Response.pdf
Amended Drawing No 10 Local Townscape Photographs.pdf
Amended Drawing No 09 Post Consultation Illustrative Layout.pdf
Officers Report.pdf
Unsigned Decision Notice.pdf