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Application details
Reference number FUL/2019/0017 Application Type Invalid Application
Site Address 51
Main Raod
CA14 1HU
Proposed Development Erection of a timber frame and clad shed (retrospective)
Valid Date 20/02/2019 Committee Date
Decision CANCELLED Decision Date
Consultation Start Date 21/02/2019 Consultation End Date 29/03/2019
Handling officer Jeff Eaton Agent name Mr Howard Stamper
Applicant Name Mr Howard Stamper Agent Telephone
Applicant Company Agent Company
Applicant Address Main Road
CA14 1HU
Agent Address 51
Main Road
CA14 1HU

Consultee Name Consultee Address Date Sent
The Owner / Occupier  50, MAIN ROAD, SEATON, WORKINGTON, CA14 1HU   
The Owner / Occupier  53, MAIN ROAD, SEATON, WORKINGTON, CA14 1HU   

Images / Documents
Application Form.pdf
Block Plan.pdf
Location plan.pdf
Photo of roof materials - 1.pdf
Photo of roof materials.pdf
Photo of shed structure.pdf
Photo of shed.pdf
PL-01 - Proposed elevations..pdf
PL-02 - Proposed elevations.pdf
PL-03 - Proposed floor plan.pdf
Public Right of Way Officer Response 26.02.19.pdf