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Application details
Reference number PIP/2019/0002 Application Type Permission in Principle
Site Address Part Field
Craggs Road
Great Broughton
CA13 0XP
Proposed Development Proposed residential development
Valid Date 27/03/2019 Committee Date
Decision Decision Date 30/04/2019
Consultation Start Date 28/03/2019 Consultation End Date 11/04/2019
Handling officer Sara Brook Agent name Mr Paul Boustead
Applicant Name Mr J Fletcher Agent Telephone
Applicant Company Agent Company Lakeland Building Design
Applicant Address Agent Address El-Tipharah
CA13 0UF

Consultee Name Consultee Address Date Sent
Broughton Parish Council  Becx Carter, , 40 Windebrowe Avenue, Keswick, Cumbria, CA12 4JA   
Minerals & Waste Cumbria County Council  , ,    
Fire Officer  Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service, Workington Community Fire Station, Moorclose Road, Workington, Cumbria, CA14 5BF   
Highways, Transport & Fleet  Environment & Community Services Directorate, Cumbria County Council, Joseph Noble Road, Lillyhall, Workington, Cumbria, CA14 4JH   

Images / Documents
19.06.LOC Location Plan.pdf
Application Form.pdf
Neighbour Comments 01.04.19 Man.pdf
Councillor Nicky Cockburn Comments 3-4-19.pdf
Neighbour Comments 3-4-19 Der.pdf
Neighbour Comments 3-4-19 Derb.pdf
Neighbour Comments 3-4-19 Ing.pdf
Neighbour Comments 4-4-19 Tho.pdf
Neighbour Comments 4.4.19 Qui No Sig.pdf
Minerals and Waste Response.pdf
Neighbour Comments 8.4.19 Hut.pdf
Neighbour Comments 8.4.19 Loo No Sig.pdf
Neighbour Comments 8.4.19 Hil No Sig.pdf
Neighbour Comments 8.4.19 Wel No Sig.pdf
Neighbour Comments 8.4.19 Str No Sig.pdf
Neighbour Comments 8.4.19 Lac No Sig.pdf
Neighbour Comments 5.4.19 Ham No Sig.pdf
Neighbour Comments 5.4.19 Sham No Sig.pdf
Neighbour Comments 5.4.19 Rob No Sig.pdf
Brigham Parish Council Response.pdf
Neighbour Comments 8.4.19 Qui No Sig.pdf
Neighbour Comments 8.4.19 Han No Sig.pdf
Neighbour Comments 12.4.19 Ric No Sig.pdf
Neighbour Comments 11.4.19 Daw No Sig.pdf
Neighbour Comments 11.4.19 Lig No Sig.pdf
Neighbour Comments 11.4.19 Mor.pdf
Neighbour Comments 16-4-19 Lac.pdf
Neighbour Comments 15.04.19 Mor.pdf
Parish Council Response.pdf
Environmental Health Response.pdf
Environmental Health Response 18.4.19.pdf
Cumbria Highways Response.pdf
Decision Notice No Sig.pdf
Officers Report.pdf
United Utilities Response.pdf