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Application details
Reference number CON1/2018/0155 Application Type Compliance with conditions
Site Address Land Off
Strawberry How Road
Proposed Development Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 on planning approval 2/2018/0155
Valid Date 02/04/2019 Committee Date
Decision Compliance with Conditions Approved Decision Date 26/07/2019
Consultation Start Date Consultation End Date
Handling officer Sara Brook Agent name Mr David Hayward
Applicant Name Mr David Hayward Agent Telephone 01228404550
Applicant Company Story Homes Agent Company Story Homes
Applicant Address Kingsmoor Business Park
Agent Address Story House
Kingsmoor Business Park
Lords Way

Images / Documents
Application Form.pdf
C-D-001 External Construction Details - T4.pdf
Construction Method Statement.pdf
C-P2A-GA-101 Surface Finishes & Kerbing Arrangement - T4.pdf
C-P2A-GA-310 Carriageway & Drainage Longsections - Sheet 1 - T2.pdf
C-P2A-GA-401 Proposed Drainage Arrangement - T3.pdf
C-P2A-GA-402 Proposed Drainage Arrangement Sheet 2 - T3.pdf
C-P2A-GA-501 SUDS Arrangement & Details - T4.pdf
C-P2A-GA-610 Temporary SUDS Strategy - T4.pdf
Decision Notice.pdf
Ground Investigation Report no sig.pdf
Incident Management Plan.pdf
OLS-061901-01-Street Lighting - T1.pdf
Phase 2a - Construction Management Plan REV B.pdf
Environment Agency Response.pdf
Environmental Health Response.pdf
Natural England Response.pdf
Cumbria Highways Response.pdf
United Utilities Response.pdf
Amendment Lights 13.05.19.pdf
Amendment Incident Monitoring Plan Revised 13.05.19.pdf
Amendment 17-1057 Hazardous Ground Gas Assessment Adendum Report 13.05.19.pdf
Environmental Health Response 13.05.19.pdf
Amended Drawing No C-D-001 External Construction Details - T5.pdf
Amended Drawing No C-P2A-GA-101 Surface Finishes and Kerbing Arrangement - T5.pdf
Amended Drawing No C-P2A-GA-310 Carriageway Longsections - Sheet 1 - T3.pdf
Amended Drawing No C-P2A-GA-401 Proposed Drainage Arrangement - T4.pdf
Amended Drawing No C-P2A-GA-402 Proposed Drainage Arrangement Sheet 2 - T4.pdf
Amended Drawing No C-P2A-GA-501 SUDS Arrangement and Details - T5.pdf
Cumbria Highways and LLFA Response.pdf
Amended Plan C-D-001 External Construction Details - T6 20.05.19.pdf
Amended Plan C-P2A-GA-038 Phase 2A Section 38 Arrangement - T4 20.05.19.pdf
Amended Plan C-P2A-GA-101 Surface Finishes & Kerbing Arrangement - T6 20.05.19.pdf
Amended Plan OLS-061901-01-Street Lighting - T3 20.05.19.pdf
Construction Method Statement Rev B.pdf
Decision Letter No Sig.pdf
Officers Report.pdf