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Application details
Reference number FUL/2019/0245 Application Type Full Application
Site Address Woodlands
Proposed Development Re-submission of application FUL/2019/0108 for the proposed barn conversion to private dwelling
Valid Date 18/10/2019 Committee Date
Decision Full Plans Approved Decision Date 19/11/2019
Consultation Start Date 23/10/2019 Consultation End Date 14/11/2019
Handling officer Caroline Fearon Agent name Mr Gordon Irving
Applicant Name Mr John Pinske Agent Telephone 01228915903
Applicant Company Agent Company Kingmoor Consulting
Applicant Address Wigton
Agent Address 6B
Clifton Court

Consultee Name Consultee Address Date Sent

Images / Documents
Application Form No Sig.pdf
Appendix_2_Barn_and_Building_Conversion completed.pdf
Bat Survey No Sig.pdf
DWG 19-007-004 Proposed Site Plan.pdf
DWG 19-261-001 REV A Existing Site Plan.pdf
DWG 19-261-002 Existing Floor Plan.pdf
DWG 19-261-003 Exisiting Elevations.pdf
DWG 19-261-005 REV B Proposed Floor Plan.pdf
DWG 19-261-006 REV B Proposed Elevations.pdf
Flood risk assessment No Sig.pdf
Heritage Statement for Woodland Barn.pdf
Proposed Drainage.pdf
Structural survey No Sig.pdf
Supporting Information.pdf
Fire Officer Response No sig.pdf
Minerals & Waste Response.pdf
Natural England Response.pdf
Environmental Health Response.pdf
DWG 19-261-DWG004 - Proposed Barn Conversion Site Plan.pdf
DWG 19-261-DWG010 - Proposed Location Plan.pdf
Supporting Statement.pdf
Highways Response.pdf
Decision Notice No Sig.pdf
Officers Report.pdf